Clipping Cat and EFI special pair - Benefit for the people of Ukraine
Clipping Cat and EFI special pair - Benefit for the people of Ukraine
Clipping Cat and EFI special pair - Benefit for the people of Ukraine

Clipping Cat and EFI special pair - Benefit for the people of Ukraine

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EDIT: These sold out much faster than I had anticipated - thanks so much for all the support.  I will do my best to carve out sone time in the next couple of weeks to make some more.  I will be posting on my FB and Instagram when that is, so keep an eye out there, or send me a note at if you want to express interest in the next batch.

100% of the cost will go to charities that benefit the people of Ukraine in this time of desperate need. 10 sets available, so $2000 will be donated after they have been sold. Shipping out the week of 21st.

2 powerful and fun modules, Clipping Cat and EFI, a distortion and an MS-20 style analog filter, in special panels to reflect the color of the Ukrainian flag. Not available separately.



CLIPPING CAT will make your sounds meow! It's a Vactrol-based distortion that will easily cram a lot of filth and grit into your tone. From sine waves to kick drums, this cat won't miss a scratching post! Based on the passive and very simple WORKMATE CLIPPING CAT, this souped-up 3U module now features three main controls. GAIN determines the amount of distortion applied to your signal. LEVEL decreases the signal level that is fed into the circuit and the CAT/NO CAT switch activates or deactivates the additional diode clipping function. You can choose whether you want hard (CAT) or soft clipping (NO CAT). Depending on the diodes you solder in, the clipping behaviour and sound will change drastically. CLIPPING CAT will only blink and meow if you set the switch to "CAT" and have set a good amount of gain.

The amount of gain can also be voltage controlled using the CV GAIN input socket. Each incoming CV signal can be attenuated with the corresponding potentiometer. The overall gain range can be adjusted using a trimmer on the back of the board.

This CV functionality also allows CLIPPING CAT to be used as a low-pass gate with the smooth vactrol-based behaviour we all love. Another trimmer allows the circuit to be optimized for LPG or distortion purposes.

On the Genuine Germanium version, to simplify the exchange of diodes for soft clipping mode, there is a "diode playground" on the back of the module where you can easily exchange through hole diodes. Different types of diodes will allow you to discover new and classic distortion sounds. 

• Vactrol Distortion
• Diode Clipping
• Soft & Hard Clipping
• Vactrol LPG
• Skiff friendly
• Wrong polarity protection
• 3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide
• Power consumption: 20mA on +12V, 20mA on -12V


EFI - Dual-Mode Analog MS-20 Style Filter

EFI is an analog multi-mode filter that is loosely based on the Korg MS-20 filter, but has been improved to fit into a 4 HP module.

It has a Low Pass and High Pass Mode which you may choose via Switch on the front panel. Additionally there are two CV inputs with an attenuator each.

Resonance can self-oscillate and there is a third mode that you may choose via jumper on the back. In this mode Resonance will be overdriven very quickly in Low Pass Mode and you will get some nice liquid sounding overtones.

• Analog Dual-Mode-Filter
• Filter Modes: LP, HP (+ LP Overdrive via Jumper)
• Resonance Control
• Two CV Inputs
• Two CV Attenuators
• Wrong Polarity Protection
• 3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide



Clipping Cat and EFI special pair - Benefit for the people of Ukraine